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Our History

Founded in 2004, Innex, Inc. originally started off as a retailer selling video game accessories, DVDs, E-books, dolls and other general merchandise on various online marketplaces. Shortly after in 2005, we began to shift focus towards partnering with resellers of video game accessories, which ultimately became the core focus. With eyes set on building the product portfolio, we quickly eliminated direct to consumer online sales. Becoming a business-to-business was the best move we made, freeing up most of our time to build relationships with our clients, listening to their needs and how to best help them service our clients altogether.

By 2009, Innex turned into the only video game distributor in the world with the product portfolio it offers today. The current product portfolio includes, but is not limited to, first party and third party video game accessories for all consoles ranging from Retro such as Atari®, NES®, SNES®, Sega® Genesis®, Xbox One®, PS4®, Nintendo® Wii U®, as well as all handheld consoles. Additionally, Innex has been in the forefront of the Retro gaming revolution, securing all retro related merchandise and an exclusive partnership with Retro-Bit® - the leading Retro Gaming brand in the world today.

In 2010, Innex secured strategic partnerships with manufacturers of pop culture toys, novelty and gifts to compliment its current line of video game accessories. Shortly after, Innex identified there was a perfect opportunity to marriage between video game retailers and video game related pop culture toys/novelty/gift/apparel. Innex is viewed as the pioneer of this movement, leading the efforts of cross-promoting the video game channel with the Toys/Novelty/Gift channels, something that was initially seen as a huge risk by both retailers. To this day, most major retailers worldwide, smaller video game stores and even the toys, comic, gift, and apparel stores are carrying the wide variety of merchandise offered by Innex.


Throughout the history of Innex, our key success driver has always been and will always be our focus on our Partners – Our Vendors and Clients.