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 February 2023 Newsletter

 The Mandalorian - A New Seasons of Adventures Await


My Hero Academia - These Graduates Are Here to Save the World


LegacyGC - The next stage of your legacy has arrived



BIG6 - The Big One Has Arrived 




KMD Chromatic - Pre Order    Time to get Frosty - Jack Frost and Black Frost    Teknogame N64 Shells


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KMD Play With Your Instincts - 2021    Retro-Bit Product Catalog 2021    Innex Vendor Catalog 2021    Stubbins Product Catalog 2021    Pixel Frames Product Catalog 2021


Gear Up for Gaming 

Game Releases


February 10th - Hogwarts Legacy (PC | PS5 | XSX)


February 16th - Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (NS | PS4)


February 17th - Tales of Symphonia Remastered (PC | PS4 | XBO)


February 21st - Like a Dragon: Ishin! (PC | PS5 | XBO | XSX)


February 24th - Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (NS)


February 24th - Octopath Traveler II (PC | NS | PS4 | PS5)



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